Overwatch 2 presents what’s new in Season 2 – Overwatch 2

Almost two months after the launch ofOverwatch 2, players will be able to welcome the second season, and its content. As we already know, Ramattra arrives as a new Hero. It is a unique tank, capable of changing its abilities according to its form, which will provide many possibilities on the battlefield.

But in addition to this new playable character, other things will be integrated, revealed by Blizzard in a publication on the official site.

What’s New in Overwatch Season 2

Players will therefore have the possibility of fighting on a new map, named Shambali Monastery, which is simply the former home of Zenyatta and Ramattra. This map will only be playable in Escort mode.

Always on the side of the cards, some will return for this season 2, such as Rialto, Blizzard World, but also Oasis and Nepal, the latter two being available at various times of the day, to provide some diversity. In return, two maps will no longer be playable, Hollywood and Observatory: Gibraltar. However, they are still available in custom games.

In terms of balancing, several Heroes will experience buffs or nerfs, depending on player feedback. For example, Sojourn, considered a little too powerful, will see his Electric Cannon be a little weaker, while Doomfist should be more interesting to play.. Ana, Bastion, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Ange, and Symmetra will also be affected by major changes, detailed when the Season 2 update was released.

Finally, the theme of season 2 will be Greek mythology, allowing to obtain thematic skins, like the ultimate skin Queen of the Junkers Zeus. Moreover, as in the previous season, it is via this Battle Pass that Ramattra can be unlocked. Finally, a temporary game mode will be available at the beginning of the year, battle for Olympus, where the Heroes will possess divine powers.

See you on December 6 to discover all this on Overwatch 2 and more.

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