Overwatch 2: PvE cooperative missions already abandoned by Blizzard?

With Overwatch 2, Blizzard had big ambitions. The sequel to its competitive shooter with Hero was to coexist with the first part and offer a cooperative mode in PvE ambitious, including replayable story missions and skill trees specific to each Hero. Eventually, OW2 is a free-to-play which replaced the original, with what was needed Battle Pass and of skins overpriced in the store.

The cooperative mode as expected has been abandoned, replaced by simple missions in PvE in the vein of Archives of the first title, but paying and quickly deserted by players. That was last summer. From, Blizzard was bought by Microsoftheavy layoffs have been made and the players are still waiting for the rest of theInvasion. Could this be the end of the missions PvE of Overwatch 2? In any case, that’s what the developers at Blizzardinterviewed by Kotaku.

According to these developers, missions have been in progress for more than five years, the basic idea was to release three missions every 18 months, but they are struggling to achieve “Blizzard Quality”, an internal standard which serves, according to employees, to justify redoing the content again and again to improve it. The other problem is more annoying: adapt the mechanics PvP ofOverwatch in a mode PvE is very difficultTHE Hero are very different.

Furthermore, the developers interviewed affirm that the cancellation of the mode PvE long awaited was made in December 2023, well before the public announcement in May 2023. The reason given was that Blizzard had to double its workforce to take care of both the PvP and PvEthe studio preferred to greatly modify the latter to focus on competitive content live service.

Overwatch 2 Season 9 (14)

Eventually, Blizzard would have bet everything on the first wave of missions, available since last summer. The objective was to produce big figures to validate the development of other missions, but it did not work, whether in terms of sales or critical success with players. Most of the employees laid off at the start of the year worked on these missions PvEthe remaining developers are very pessimistic about the future of this cooperative content, stating that “ It really doesn’t seem, even from a business perspective, that Activision or Microsoft have any confidence in PvE.”.

Blizzard has not yet commented, but the studio does not discuss the missions PvE in its communication aroundOverwatch 2focusing on the PvP and the future Season 10 who will introduce THE Hero DPS Venture. You can find products derived from the franchise on Amazon, Cdiscount And there Fnac.

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