Overwatch 2: This character has secretly been nerfed following a bug!

Been out for almost two months Overwatch 2 has been talked about a lot since, both for its shop and for its regular character deactivations, it seems that the game is having a hard time getting its foot in the stirrup.

Both Bastion and Mei were recently disabled due to major bugs that could throw games off balance, and this time around Blizzard decided to do it differently for another character.

Brigitte and her infinite shield

You may have read it in the last patch notes published by Blizzard, Brigitte received a “patch” indeed, under the effect of the ultimate Kiriko, this one could redeploy its shield earlier than intended, the fox lowering the cooldowns. The problem being that when Brigitte took out her shield again, with the cooldown reduced, it hadn’t had time to recharge its hps, and was therefore at 1.

This 1 hp could not go down and Brigitte therefore found herself with a unbreakable shield for a infinite duration as long as she kept it deployed.

A completely abused bug therefore, which could impact the games, Kiriko being popular enough to end up in many games with a Brigitte.

A fake patch, and a real nerf for Brigitte

The real problem is that this concern has not been corrected the way it should have been. Indeed instead Blizzard took what many consider the path of laziness and instead of correcting the bug, even if it means having to deactivate the character temporarily (we are not really close to that anymore) preferred to nerf the character.

Following this new patch, Brigitte and Kiriko therefore have no more synergy, Brigitte’s shield cooldown is no longer affected by Kiriko’s ultimate. A decision that has been talked about a lot on social networks and which for some is still proof that Overwatch 2 is not necessarily on the right track in certain aspects.

Blizzard decided to implement a new feature in Overwatch 2 to try and counter the toxicity and harassment within their gaming community. For the moment, only a few regions of the world are concerned.

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