Overwatch: Blizzard changes Zarya skins because of the war between Russia and Ukraine

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine obviously goes beyond the borders of these two countries and the whole world is impacted, even in the small video game world. Manufacturers and publishers stop their sales in Russia and Belarus, STALKER 2 is now subtitled Heart of Chornobyl and Epic Games collected through Fortnite funds to support associations in Ukraine.

On the side of home Blizzardthe action is more moderate, it is in reaction to Russians who use the letter Z to show their support for their soldiers in Ukraine. As reminded gaming pc, the Z does not exist in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet, it would be an anglicized abbreviation of “West” or “For victory”. In any case, it is a strong symbol of the Russian community supporting the war, and it does not please Blizzard.

But what is the connection? Well, Zarya. Aleksandra Zaryanovaby his full name, is a character fromOverwatch. Side gameplayit’s a Tank able to take damage with its protection bubbles. Side loreit is a Russian athlete born in Siberia who protects her family and her homeland with ardor, who wears the letter Z on certain outfitsin reference to his surname. Blizzard made no official statement, but quietly updated Overwatch for modify the arctic skins and Syberian Front of Zaryaremoving the letter Z from the suitsand impossible not to see the link with the news in Russia and Ukraine. Proto VI sharing screenshots of the game with the changes on Redditit’s pictured above.

Blizzard is known to take tweezers with international newsgoing so far as to banish Blitzchung tournaments Hearthstone after supporting Hong Kong, although the studio admitted to regretting the decision afterwards. He also removed the alien skin of Zarya (the poor is at the center of several controversies), created in homage to Sinatraa, MVP of the’Overwatch League and subsequently accused of sexual assault… You can find a figurine of Zaryawith her skin non-problematic basis, to €24.67 on Amazon.

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