Overwatch will soon no longer offer loot boxes – Overwatch

The integration of loot boxes in a game has always been debated within the gaming community. Incidentally, Blizzard’s title, Overwatch, has been offering it for several years now. But it’s almost over.

Indeed, as indicated in a recent post on the official site, Blizzard has decided not to no longer offer loot boxes, on Overwatch, from August 30th. Thus, after this date and throughout the month of September, players will only be able to obtain them by playing. The in-game store will no longer offer them for sale. Moreover, before the launch ofOverwatch 2all player loot boxes will be automatically opened.

Moreover, remember that the store of the second opus of the license will not offer loot boxes. Blizzard has changed its strategy and is opting for Battle Passes for Overwatch 2. Finally, note that Overwatch will disappear and will therefore no longer be playable, after the official release of Overwatch 2, set for October 4th.

In the meantime, players can currently enjoy Overwatch’s six-year anniversary event, Anniversary Remix: Volume 3, which runs until the end of this month. This is an opportunity to unlock new skins and win weekly rewards, among other things.

As a reminder, the release date of Overwatch 2 is scheduled for October 4th.

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