Own goal madness and CR7: Germany gets a furious first three

Hot dance in Munich: Germany leads 4-2 against Portugal in an extremely varied game. Cristiano Ronaldo puts forward, then Löw’s team only wobbles briefly – but strikes back with a lot of enthusiasm, class and greed. The spectacle in the re-live ticker.

Final whistle: The guys from Jogi Löw get the first three and now have the qualification for the second round in their own hands again.

7.48 p.m.: Germany wobbles behind several times. But 90 minutes will be played soon. There is four minutes of stoppage time.

7:39 p.m.: Luck for the DFB-Elf: Post hit by Renato Sanches, who pulls off from a distance without any humor. New can only look behind.

7:28 p.m.: Portugal is back, there is hardly any time to take a deep breath! Germany defends a free kick from the left really badly, Ronaldo can put back on Jota – and the man from Liverpool FC hits the ball from one meter into the mesh. 2: 4 from the Portuguese perspective.

Goalscorer for the wonderful 3: 1 – Kai Havertz (number 7).

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7.20 p.m.: Tooooooooooooor for Germany. Kimmich cross, Gosens header, 4: 1. What’s going on here? The DFB-Elf is really turning it up. The Atalanta Bergamo professional scores his first international goal.

You get to the comprehensive live ticker here.

7.10 p.m.: Tooooooor for Germany. Havertz scores the DFB team’s first own goal to make it 3-1. And what a beautiful attack it was, almost the entire offensive involved. Havertz himself lays down on the right near the penalty area, Müller and Kimmich play one-two. The DFB returnees fit well with Gosens, who has a lot of space on the left. Havertz made his cross very cool.

6.48 p.m.: Halftime. Hot dance in Munich: Germany leads 2-1 against Portugal in an extremely varied game. Cristiano Ronaldo presents after the entire DFB-Elf falls asleep on a counterattack. Then Löw’s team wobbles briefly – but hits back twice by forcing two own goals. Take a deep breath first.


Then it happened: The Portuguese’s second own goal put the DFB-Elf in the lead.

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6:39 p.m.: Tooooooooor for Germany: Another own goal. This time it was Guerreiro. But again strongly enforced by the DFB-Elf: Havertz cannot use Müller’s cross at first. Kimmich pursues and fits sharply into the five-meter space. BVB professional Guerreiro holds out his leg – and that’s it.

6:36 p.m.: Toooooor for Germany: Müller plays on Kimmich, who crosses from the right across the penalty area to Gosens. The left-back plays the ball powerfully and directly into the middle, where Havertz is lurking. Before him, however, Rúben Dias pushes the ball into the net to make it 1: 1.


Goalscorer to make it 1-0 – Cristiano Ronaldo.

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6:26 p.m.: Cooling break, sort it briefly: The DFB-Elf plays offensively. But in the back a huge gap opened up on a counterattack after three passes. Then Löw’s defense wobbled again. It’s gonna be a hot dance!

6:16 p.m.: The cold shower, Germany was on the trigger: Portugal countered after a corner and after a long ball from Bernado Silva Jota is completely free in front of Neuer. The Liverpool star lays down on Ronaldo lurking in the middle, who only needs to insert.


This team should turn it against Portugal.

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6:12 p.m.: The DFB-Elf continues to pressure. Goalkeeper Rui Patricio can only fend off a long-range shot from Havertz. Gnabry continues, but no other player can find his or her deposit. Shortly afterwards, after a pass from Gosens, a shot by Kroos is just blocked.

6:06 p.m.: Lightning start: Goal for Germany – but the hit does not count because of offside. Ginter crosses from the right, Gnabry flies past the ball in the middle of the penalty area. But Gosens rushes up from behind and is artistically perfect. But because Gnabry was offside during his action, the referee takes the hit back directly.

6 p.m.: The national anthems are sung. The choice of seat has been decided. Let’s go, the DFB toast.


Can Löw’s eleven stop Cristiano Ronaldo?

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17.55 Clock: The national coach said before the game that his team would not take Ronaldo under special surveillance. “No, we basically don’t do that. Cristiano Ronaldo is also such that he often goes out on the left, sometimes on the right on the wing. We don’t want to let everything open, but to close the space where someone is. There we have to fight the opponent. That is the task, “explained Löw. The record scorer of the European Championship has already played four international matches against the DFB team, but has never scored a goal. In club football, he and his ex-club Real Madrid have already met Manuel Neuer nine times – but for the last time in 2017.

5.44 p.m.: Jürgen Klopp criticizes Löw’s unchanged tactics before the game. “I would play back four with this team,” said the Liverpool FC team manager on Magenta TV. “I don’t like the system that much.” Klopp, on the other hand, could imagine a midfield with Joshua Kimmich, İlkay Gündoğan and Toni Kroos extremely well. Everyone would be in the position they feel comfortable in. “In his opinion, the system with a chain of three causes many” small problems in processes “.

17:39: Much was discussed before the game about the poor German offensive game. Thomas Müller, Serge Gnabry and Kai Havertz had hardly been able to cause danger against France. The occupation in the penalty area was unsatisfactory – also because the DFB-Elf simply lacks a classic striker. The national coach made no changes.

Of course, the so-called experts also have something to say on the subject. Ex-national player Stefan Effenberg even described the shortage of world-class center strikers as “the biggest problem in German football”. DFB director Oliver Bierhoff also criticized the fact that too many Mario Götze types were promoted, but “the traditional striker criteria were neglected a bit”.

5.30 p.m.: Because a paraglider floated into the stadium before the opening game against France and injured two spectators, there are a lot of police in Munich today. Helicopters circle over the Allianz Arena.

5:22 p.m.: The opponent is, however, one of the best teams in the tournament. Not only Cristiano Ronaldo, who still hits like a madman (two goals against Hungary, now 36 years old) is swirling in the Portuguese offensive. There is also Bruno Fernandes from Manchester United (third top scorer in the Premier League), Diogo Jota from Jürgen Klopps FC Liverpool and Bernado Silva from Pep Guardiola’s star ensemble at Manchester City. Portugal’s attack is so well-manned that Frankfurt’s André Silva (second best striker in the Bundesliga) and Atlético Madrid’s João Félix (missing today) take their seats on the bench in the first game. In defense waiting for the German offensive of the old masters Pepe and Rúben Dias from Man City (player of the season in the Premier League). The DFB-Elf face an extremely difficult task.

5.15 p.m.: “We have to show in the next game that we are also a favorite,” said Joshua Kimmich before the game. The riddle of whether the Bayern boss would move back into the central midfield was answered by Löw with a clear no before the game. The national coach waives tactical and personnel changes and trusts the same starting line-up as in the 0: 1 against France. Löw is sticking to his 3-4-3 system against the defending champion.

5.10 p.m.: Good evening and welcome to the highlight ticker of the European Championship match between the German national team and Portugal! Joachim Löw’s team cannot fly out of the tournament today when the ball is rolling from 6 p.m. But the DFB-Elf is already under a lot of pressure before the second group game, as in the 2018 World Cup. Portugal around superstar Cristiano Ronaldo can already make the round of 16 clear after the 3-0 in the first game against Hungary. In a win against Portugal, which was defeated in all three games under Löw as national coach at the EM 2008, EM 2012 and the World Cup 2014, you would still have all the options for the knockout phase in your own hands.

With this line-up, the German team enters the game.

1 Neuer – 4 Ginter, 5 Hummels, 2 Rüdiger – 6 Kimmich, 21 Gündogan, 8 Kroos, 20 Gosens – 7 Havertz, 25 Müller, 10 Gnabry. – Trainer: Loew