Ozzy Osbourne: New album and return to the stage planned

Ozzy Osbourne
New album and return to the stage planned

Ozzy Osbourne’s back surgery went well. The successful intervention clearly gives the musician new energy.

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After his successful operation, Ozzy Osbourne is planning a new album. The “Prince of Darkness” also wants to go on tour again.

Metal legend Ozzy Osbourne (74) has positive news for his fans. In an interview with “Metal Hammer”, the “Prince of Darkness” revealed that he had survived his previously announced operation. “The surgery on my spine went great,” said Osbourne.

Ozzy Osbourne wants to record a new album

Apparently inspired by this positive development, the singer also announced that he wanted to record “another album”. The 74-year-old released his last full-length to date, “Patient Number 9,” ​​last September.

Osbourne would like to record his new, as yet untitled work in his home studio in England. “I’m just starting work and we’ll be recording early next year,” said the ex-Black Sabbath frontman. He wanted to “take his time” with the new album.

Osbourne will then go on tour. This is surprising since the musician announced the end of his touring career in February with a heavy heart for health reasons. Apparently his health has now been restored to such an extent that it doesn’t have to stay that way.

A hospital visit is like a hairdresser’s appointment

Osbourne has suffered from serious health problems for decades. In 2003 he had an accident with a quad bike. In 2019, he fell in his home, which aggravated the previous injury. Since then, the singer has had to go under the knife four times.

For him, going to the hospital is now “like going to get a haircut,” Osbourne recently joked in an episode of the podcast “The Osbournes.” He had also announced that he would not undergo any further operations in the future – after the procedure mentioned at the beginning. “No matter how it turns out, I’m not doing it anymore. I just can’t,” he said in the podcast episode.


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