Palina Rojinski: Presenter and native Russian prays for peace

Palina Rojinski
Presenter and native Russian prays for peace

Palina Rojinski prays for peace after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

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In an emotional post, Palina Rojinski called for peace in Ukraine: “There must be no justification for war.”

Russian-born Palina Rojinski (36) prays for peace. After Russia’s attack on Ukraine she posted on her Instagram account a call to lay down arms. To a picture that shows two drawn figures embracing and dressed in the national colors of Russia and Ukraine, she wrote: “I don’t even know what to say. There can be no justification for war.”

She also posted a picture of a dove of peace formed by two hands. The hands are also drawn in the respective national colors. In a third photo of two countries’ flags, she wrote “No War” in Russian. She prays for a peaceful solution and for the people, the post continues.

In 1991 Palina Rojinski moved from Russia to Germany

She posted the identical sentences in both Russian and German and added the hashtag #KeinKrieg as well as the national flags of the countries and praying hands. Rojinski was born in what is now St. Petersburg in 1985 and moved to Berlin with her parents in 1991.


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