Palina Rojinski: Your home is "uninhabitable" after a fire

Palina Rojinski
Your home is "uninhabitable" after a fire

Palina Rojinski didn't have an easy turn of the year.

© imago images / Sven Simon

There was a fire in Palina Rojinski's apartment. On Instagram, the moderator explains that her home is currently "uninhabitable".

Words fail Palina Rojinski (35, "Nightlife"). In the first edition of her online format "Astrolinski" in 2021, the moderator is clearly having a hard time finding the right entry point. For a long time, she had not told her followers why the turn of the year was not an easy one for her. Now she reveals: "There was a fire in my apartment – and it really was." The accident happened a few days before New Year's Eve.

Rojinski does not speak about the trigger of the fire in her 15-minute long video on Instagram. However, the consequences seem devastating. "From one second to the next, I sort of …", the 35-year-old begins the sentence, but then breaks off. "The apartment is uninhabitable," is how she sums up the extent of the fire instead. "It's awesome. I'm still processing it." It is not known where the presenter was staying after the fire.