Palworld copies Pokémon again and it’s starting to show

Palworld, also called “The Pokémon with Guns” has just revealed a new creature, which is already sparking accusations of plagiarism from fans.

Palworld, also nicknamed “The Pokémon with guns”, has built a reputation by drawing strong inspiration from the Nintendo license. If the Pocketpair title still introduced a lot more management, its main mechanics are linked to Pals. It is also these creatures that are the subject of debate, because They look strangely like Pokemon. The principle of capture is also strangely similar, except that the pokéballs are replaced by Pal Sphere. If Palworld has benefited from its success, the developers are aware that they are closely monitored by BIG N. Despite this, the studio is not afraid and even continues to taunt the Japanese giant with its creatures.

Palworld or Pokémon?

Pals that look like Pokémon are nothing new! Still, one would think the studio would have calmed down; However, a few days ago, Pocket Pair revealed a new creature. The fans still have a sense of deja vu. In a trailer, players were able to discover Foxicle, an ice fox who looks a lot like an mix of Frosty and Ninetales (Alola version). No need to play Seven Differences to notice that they have strange similarities: their ice power, sort of blue locks along the muzzle, or even a tail and a voluminous, almost fluffy mane.

On social networks, Internet users are still amused by the fact that many consider plagiarism: “Of course you can copy my homework, just make sure it doesn’t show too much,” says one user ironically. “They’re not even trying to be subtle with this one “, shared another. Some players even complain that Palworld is not helping the cause, referring to their accusation of plagiarism and the potential lawsuit that could await them with Nintendo.

Plagiarism or not plagiarism?

If for the moment, Palworld and Pokémon are evolving in parallel in the industry, one could have expected Nintendo to block Pocketpair’s game. Yet nothing has been done, mainly because no one really knows if Palworld is plagiarizing, inspired, or parodying. Only, when a user named Byo demonstrated that the creatures’ proportions were too similar to those in Pokémon to be a coincidence, many developers in the industry began to react. “You cannot, under any circumstances, accidentally get the same proportionsthan several designs from another game. I saw 30 artists trying to make the same horse using identical designs. None were as close to each other as these Palworld models are to the Pokémon models.” Highlights an artist developer of AAA games at VGC, who says he is ready to give his expertise to the court.

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