Palworld shows itself a little more thanks to a new video – Palworld

It is during the month of June 2021 that Palworld was first announced. Since then, we have had the right to several trailers, including one broadcast during the Future Games Show 2022 conference or during this year’s Tokyo Game Show event. Recently, Pocketpair shared a new video.

A trailer presents several “Pals” of Palworld

This new visual communication reveals multiple creatures, called “Pals”, that we can meet and face on Palworld. Said creatures are linked to very specific elements: to cite just two examples, Vaelet is presented as belonging to the Plant type, while Pyrin is affiliated with fire. In addition, this new trailer offers some fight sequences. Moreover, these confirm, once again, that players can be accompanied by a Pal to beat one or more creatures.

As a reminder, on Palworld, we should be able to manage our own domain. Moreover, the title, categorized as a game “ survival and craft “, will offer a open world. Finally, the software will have a strong multiplayer dimension.

Currently, Palworld does not have a specific release date. The game’s Steam page indicates that the title will be available sometime in 2023.

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