Palworld still plays the card of violence with its fake Pokémon and its firearms

Palworld continues to amaze us with each of its appearances. Taking the concept of capturing creatures from Pokemon by mixing it with an action game with multiplayer and guns, the title of Pocket Pair is undoubtedly one of the craziest proposals of recent months. Each trailer seems to prove it a little more, and it’s once again the case with a new gameplay trailer that was released during the Future Games Show.

It’s always nonsense

This trailer first shows us some boss fightsbefore chaining the scenes completely delirious and filled with gratuitous violence towards these poor creatures, which can even end up as ammunition.

These creatures can also help us survive in nature, by lighting campfires or collecting materials by mining, for example. In any case, this video makes us once again really want to see if the game holds up beyond its fun concept, but there is no doubt that we will at least be sure to laugh a little at this “parody” of Pokemon controller in hand.

Unfortunately, Palworld still hasn’t given a release date even though it should logically arrive later this year on Steam. No other platforms have been announced at this time.

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