Palworld totally broken because of the last patch, watch out!

Palworld has just deployed a patch, and it is a real disaster on Xbox, enough to drive players completely crazy.

In the cutthroat world of survival games, Palworld’s latest update caused such a severe problem for players on Xbox Series X/S that the developers had to intervene urgently. Pocketpair, the studio behind the game, strongly advised players not to load multiplayer data while waiting for a solution. In short, it’s a disaster.

Back to the Future for Palworld

Launched on April 8, this update, initially celebrated for the introduction of the Raid boss Bellanoir already available on PC, promised to enrich the experience of players on Xbox with new challenges. However, a major adverse effect was quickly noted. Accidental loading of old save data when accessing multiplayer mode, potentially significantly reducing player progress. Yes, you read correctly.

Faced with this worrying situation, Pocketpair took the lead in alerting the community via social networks. Recommending to avoid multiplayer on Xbox Series X/S while the issue is resolved. An announcement which sparked a wave of reactions among players. Many express concern about the security of their game data.

Fortunately, hope remains for Palworld fans. Just a few hours after communicating about this critical bug, the developers announced that they had identified the source of the problem. And they are working hard to develop a fix intended to restore normal functioning of multiplayer on the affected consoles.

This technical mishap unfortunately comes at a time when the latest update was praised for its significant improvements. And the addition of features expected by the community, such as new methods for quickly evolving companions in the game or a skill allowing an instant return to the player’s main base.

So, while waiting for more glorious news, if you are Xbox players, clearly wait for a new announcement from the studio. Because now is not the time to risk your save on a roll of the dice.

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