Pam & Tommy on Disney+: 5 good reasons not to miss the series on Pamela Anderson

Launched on February 2 on Disney+, Pam & Tommy looks back on the love story between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Its cast, its soundtrack… We give you 5 good reasons to discover this new original Star series as soon as possible.

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She is the star of the cult series Baywatch, he is the drummer of the metal band Mötley Crüe, and their meeting in 1995 made real sparks. A few days later, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee say “yes” to each other on a beach in Mexico. But if the couple’s relationship is so talked about, it’s for a completely different reason: the theft and disclosure of a private video of their antics filmed during their honeymoon.

A scandal that marked its time and the lives of its protagonists, recounted today in the Pam & Tommy series broadcast on Disney+. Over the course of its eight episodes, it returns both to the story from the point of view of the upset entrepreneur who stole and distributed the VHS, but also to the destructive consequences of the disclosure of this video for the couple, in especially for Pamela Anderson.

Because the heart of the series is obviously the actress and model embodied on screen by Lily James. Pam & Tommy paints the portrait of a touching and fragile young woman, already a victim of misogyny and little considered before the events. She will bear the brunt of the repercussions of this intrusion into her private life, and with much more hostility and vehemence than her husband Tommy Lee.

“It’s an important story, I think, to understand the true impact of the media storm that followed, entrusted to variety Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier in the MCU), who portrays the rocker in the series. For their couple, but especially for her as a woman.”



Even before its launch on Disney+, Pam & Tommy was already in the spotlight. The broadcast of the first images of the series has indeed caused a lot of reaction on social networks, as the resemblance between Lily James and Pamela Anderson on one side, and Sebastian Stan and Tommy Lee on the other, is striking!

From the first episodes, the one who played Princess Cinderella in Kenneth Branagh’s 2015 Disney live action shines with her amazing performance, for which she prepared herself for a long time by watching interviews with Pamela Anderson on repeat. The interpreter of Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier for Marvel Studios also delivers a remarkable performance in the guise of the actress’ crazy ex-husband.

The two stars of the series are surrounded by Seth Rogen (The Green Hornet, Knocked up, instructions) and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), in the roles of Rand Gauthier, the man who stole the VHS of the couple out of revenge, and of his accomplice Uncle Miltie, the producer who helped him broadcast the footage. Taylor Schilling (unforgettable Piper Chapman in Orange Is the New Black) completes this fine cast.



Thanks to its soundtrack punctuated by unforgettable hits, Pam & Tommy takes viewers right into the heart of the 90s for a little nostalgia session: Be My Lover from The Mouth to Real Wild Child from Iggy Pop, to the iconic Heaven is a place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle or the dance remix of Bonnie Tyler’s flagship track Total Eclipse of the Heart by Nicki French…

A real treat for those looking for inspiration to complete their music library with real hits from the era. One thing is certain: you will most certainly want to push the song on the classic Lovefool from The Cardigans, sung by Pam and her team in the 3rd episode of the series!


If Pam & Tommy’s music immerses us with joy in the 90’s atmosphere, the same can be said for the outfits and hairstyles worn by the characters in the series. Rediscover some of Pamela Anderson’s most iconic looks on screen, like Baywatch red swimsuit, black leather top, white bikini top worn at her wedding and so many other inimitable styles .

His on-screen partners also benefit from the attention to detail provided by the teams of the series: Sebastian Stan in white tank top and jeans – the quintessential look of Tommy Lee, mullet cut for Seth Rogen, high ponytail and impressive pair of hoop earrings for Taylor Schilling, not forgetting the faded shirts of the Rogen/Offerman duo!



Oh, the Internet and its endless possibilities…as Rand tries to explain to his novice sidekick Uncle Milie, a porn producer, to market the famous couple’s stolen sex tape. An obvious thing for spectators in the all-digital era, but which was far from being so even less than thirty years ago.

Pam & Tommy invites us to relive the premises of the still little-known web at the time, which already offered unparalleled advantages to the most patient users and inclined to discover all its secrets. The opportunity to hear again the sweet sound so characteristic of the 56k modem which could bring back some memories…

Discover the first four episodes of Pam & Tommy on Disney+ now, with a new episode every Wednesday. (Reserved for 18+ profiles).

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