Pam & Tommy on Disney+: Adults Only! This is how you activate the parental controls settings


The new series “Pam & Tommy” with its sex tape theme is not for children, Disney + makes no secret of that. Netzwelt reveals how you activate the youth protection settings.

"Pam & Tommy" runs weekly on Disney+

“Pam & Tommy” airs weekly on Disney+ (Source: Disney+ / Collage: Netzwelt)

  • Pam & Tommy on Disney+ doesn’t exactly offer family entertainment, instead it’s about the famous sex tape of “Baywatch” actress Pamela Anderson and Motley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.
  • Luckily, access to certain Disney+ content can be restricted through parental controls. Netzwelt tells you how it works.

The Disney+ streaming service is currently specifically advertising that “Pam & Tommy”, the new series with Lily James (“Yesterday”) and Sebastian Stan (“The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”), is anything but adult-free. It is specifically pointed out to consider the child safety in the profile.

With online ads of this type, Disney+ is currently promoting "Pam & Tommy"

Disney+ is currently advertising “Pam & Tommy” with online ads of this type (Source: Disney+ / Screenshot: Netzwelt)

It’s true that “Pam & Tommy” isn’t the first series that has been aimed exclusively at an adult audience since the start of the Star program extension, but the sextape theme sells well if you also allude to the potentially scandalous scenes that “Pam & Tommy” could have to offer. Disney+ isn’t uploading the real intimate video of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, of course, but it almost looks like it.

Still, even if the show itself is far less drastic than the ads would have you believe, children and teenagers shouldn’t be confronted with this topic just yet. So if you haven’t turned on child protection for Disney+ yet, you should do it now!

How to enable parental controls on Disney+

With Disney+ you can’t hide individual titles, as is necessary with Netflix, for example, but you can limit which age ratings are allowed. It is also possible to protect profiles with a PIN, so you can secure the adult profile without having to hide certain content. You can find our parental control guide for Disney+ here!

So if you allow all films and series up to FSK 12, the Disney + program looks roughly the same as it was before the Star expansion: films and series from Marvel or “Star Wars” are still available, “The Walking Dead” or “American Horror Stories” are disappearing.

Of course, the settings can also be undone at any time. Incidentally, “Pam & Tommy” is running on Hulu in the USA, where Disney + is still home to entertainment for the whole family.

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