Pam & Tommy: Pamela Anderson’s new Netflix documentary reveals why she dislikes the Disney+ series


After Pam & Tommy, the true story of Pamela Anderson comes to Netflix. A statement on the new documentary series also includes a statement on the Disney+ series.

"Pam & Tommy" with Lily James as Pamela Anderson

“Pam & Tommy” starring Lily James as Pamela Anderson (Credit: Erin Simkin/ Hulu/ Disney+)

  • Does ‘Pam & Tommy’ tell the true story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee?
  • The real Pamela Anderson is distancing herself from the series and now wants to put things in a different light.
  • She announces a documentary series about her life that will start on Netflix. In a statement, “Pam & Tommy” is clearly labeled as untrue.

The series “Pam & Tommy” runs in this country on Disney + and enjoys some popularity. But while fans and critics like the show, one person in particular doesn’t like the show at all: Pamela Anderson. Her story serves as the basis for the series’ plot, but she was not involved in the series.

As US magazine Entertainment Weekly reports, Pamela Anderson is said not to have even looked at the trailer. The reason: The Disney + series is probably not telling the truth. At least that’s what the official announcement of a new documentary series by Netflix and Pamela Anderson suggests.

A handwritten open letter from Anderson proclaimed: “My life, a thousand imperfections, a million misconceptions, bewitched, wild and lost, nothing worth striving for, all I can do is surprise you. Not a victim but a survivor and alive to tell the real story to tell”.

Anderson’s sons Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee also shared the post, writing in the caption that it’s “time for the real story.” This is unmistakably a dig at the Disney+ series.

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We’re excited to see what the “real story” looks like. There is no official start date for the new Netflix releases yet. On March 9, 2022, the final episode of “Pam & Tommy” will be released in the New Releases program of Disney+.

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