Pamela Anderson: Secret wedding in Canada

Pamela Anderson
Secret wedding in Canada

Pamela Anderson secretly married.

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Pamela Anderson surprises her fans with this news: The ex- "Baywatch" star has married his bodyguard Dan Hayhurst.

Model and actress Pamela Anderson (53) has secretly married. The former "Baywatch" mermaid dropped the bomb in an interview with the British "Daily Mail TV". Last Christmas she and her partner Dan Hayhurst had used to say yes. "I'm exactly where I should be – in the arms of a man who truly loves me," said Anderson. The intimate ceremony took place without friends or family on the property of their home on Vancouver Island. "My parents got married there and they're still together. I feel like I've come full circle."

Wedding photos available to the Daily Mail show Anderson in a vintage wedding dress with puff sleeves and a long veil. She also combined rubber boots. The groom wore a simple light shirt and black pants. In September 2020, an insider reported about the love of the two. Hayhurst helped Anderson furnish her home on Vancouver Island during the corona lockdown. "This one year together felt like seven – like dog years," joked Anderson in the "Daily Mail TV" interview and revealed whether the two were planning a honeymoon after the pandemic: "Every day is like a honeymoon for us."

Farewell to social media

The famous blonde kept making headlines with their breakups, but continued to believe in the concept of marriage. After her weddings with the musicians Tommy Lee (58) and Kid Rock (50), the double marriage to producer Rick Salomon (53) and the obscure twelve-day marriage to Jon Peters (75), Anderson declared in late May 2020 in the "New York Times" when asked if there could be another wedding: "Absolutely! One more time. Just one more time, please, dear God. Just one more time!" Anderson is a mother of two. Her marriage to Tommy Lee has two sons, Brandon (24) and Dylan (23).

Fans are unlikely to find photos of their recent wedding on Anderson's social media pages. Shortly before the news about the wedding, the 53-year-old announced her departure from Twitter and Co. "I was never interested in social media," she said. In the future she would rather concentrate her energy on "reading and being in nature. I am free".