Pamela Anderson: The Former Members of the "Baywatch" Star

The "right thing" turned out to be more difficult than one should think for Pamela Anderson (52) over the years. The men's world has always been at her feet and yet the blonde "Baywatch" mermaid just couldn't find the man for life. Now the Century Playmate has married for the fifth time. Namely the US film producer Jon Peters (74, "A Star is Born"), with whom Anderson flirted in the legendary Playboy Mansion back in the eighties and finally came together. "They are very much in love and got married yesterday," Anderson's spokesman Matthew Berritt confirmed to People magazine. So is there a happy ending in sight for men this time? We have the history of Pam's past.

Bret Michaels: The rock star

Practicing early, Pamela Anderson might have thought: The blonde founded her prey scheme for wild rocker types in 1994 with poison singer Bret Michaels (56). With the front man of the glam metal band, Pam made her first sex tape – even before the wedding film with Tommy Lee. The video, of course, appeared later on the net and shows the two in their most intimate appearance together in front of the camera. Pamela Anderson was very young at the time, but definitely not innocent. The hot affair with Michaels soon broke up again.

Tommy Lee: The Scandal Noodle

Just four days after getting to know each other, Anderson married the scandal noodle Tommy Lee (57) on the beach. The marriage with the Mötley-Crüe drummer ("Kickstart My Heart") even lasted the longest. From 1995 to 1998, the native Greek loved the Canadian actress, who with 14 "Playboy" cover photos is the most popular Playmate ever. This marriage brought her sons Brandon (23) and Dylan (22), a role in the legendary wedding porn of the two and probably also her hepatitis C disease, which was announced in 2002 and is said to come from a shared tattoo needle. In 1998, Anderson reported Lee for assault, putting her husband behind bars for three months. Then the divorce followed.

Marcus Schenkenberg: The top model

Subsequently, the sex symbol with Finnish descent was drawn to its Scandinavian roots: from 2000 to 2001 she was in a relationship with the Swede Marcus Lodewijk Schenkenberg van Mierop (51), simply known under the name Marcus Schenkenberg and still does so to this day highest paid male top model in the world. After relationships with Mariah Carey (49, "American Idol"), Nicky Hilton (36) and Jessica Simpson (39, "Fashion Hero"), it was the liaison with Anderson that made him famous outside of the fashion world.

Kid Rock: The pop rocker

After that, Anderson put her blonde poison back into the world of wicked rock stars – and caught US musician Kid Rock (49, "All Summer Long"). After a turbulent on-off relationship, the two said yes in July 2006. At the wedding on a yacht in Saint Tropez, Pam was all in white – she was wearing a string bikini. Four months of partnership followed, a miscarriage in November 2006 and the divorce at the same time. A short episode that probably brought more tears than joy.

Rick Salomon: The Player

So the Playboy bunny came to poker and actor Rick Salomon (51), who in this country is probably best known for his relationship with Paris Hilton (38) and the joint sex video "1 Night in Paris". Salomon made his first marriage attempt with Anderson at the end of 2007: the two were married in Las Vegas during a stage break by magician Hans Klok. This bond for life was canceled only five months later. But because the two believed that old love does not rust, they remarried in early 2014. Six months later it became clear that not every proverb passed the practical test.

Adil Rami: The professional soccer player

Most recently, Pam liked an athlete. Anderson was with football professional Adil Rami (34) from 2016 to 2019. Rami, who became world champion with France in 2018, is said to have treated Anderson anything but caring during their relationship. The model announced the split via Instagram and accused the French international of lying and cheating on her for two years. She even called him a "monster" with a "double life". The result was a social media mud battle.