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What does that mean?

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It is well known that the sexes cannot only be divided into men and women. As a result, sexuality cannot be two-dimensional either. Today we explain: what is pansexual?

Pansexuality: what is pansexual? The orientation

Pansexuality means one sexual orientationwho don’t have the attraction for one specific gender Are defined. The term “Pan” comes from the Greek and means in relation to sexuality “Everything” or “Comprehensive”.

What does it mean in concrete terms when someone is pansexual?

Pansexual people can introduce themselves with people of any gender:

  • Sexual attraction
  • Be in love
  • A relationship
  • Romantic connections

What is pansexual? The difference to bisexuality

“Bi” means “two”. People who feel bisexual find others men and women attractive. There are both heterosexual and homosexual tendencies in sexuality. Up to this point there is no difference between bisexuality and pansexuality.

However, this is possible far beyond thatby classifying people not into male and female, but entirely regardless of gender considered. The sexual orientation depends on the person to whom one feels attracted.

So are too Transgender, queer, intergender, hermaphrodite and all other possible genders included. There is only one Age and species restrictions. Minors or animals are excluded.

Pansexuality: The difference between polysexual and pansexual

The difference between polysexual and pansexual can already be seen in the definitions. While “Pan” in pansexuality for “everyone”, that means there is any gender diversity, the word means “Poly” means “many”. Polysexual people feel attracted to many people, but not to all gender identities.

Am i pansexual?

  • Pansexuality has received increased attention in recent years. That was certainly also due to the fact that prominent representatives: inside find who feel pansexual and come out. This includes the singer Miley Cyrus or the rapper Angel Haze.
  • Most people find their sexual orientation and sexuality in the puberty and then keep them for a lifetime. However, since we are in a society Growing up, which gives us the classic gender image of men and women, it may be that we only realize many years later that we do not fit into the current pattern and that we are pansexual.
  • When you realize that you are basically Sexually attractive to people of any gender find and love, then you are probably pansexual. Pansexual people are often very open and tolerant peoplewho go beyond restrictive conventions and break them with all their might. So there is not only one’s own sexual component, but also pansexuality as social attitude.

Sexual Orientations: A Little Lexicon

Sexual orientations are as varied as life. Here we give you a small overview of the sexualities – regardless of gender.

  • Pansexuality: Pansexuality describes attraction regardless of gender.
  • Bisexuality: Bisexual people can find men and women equally attractive.
  • Heterosexuality: Heterosexuality describes attraction to the opposite sex.
  • Homosexuality: Homosexual people are sexually attracted to the same sex.
  • Asexuality: Asexual people have no desire to engage in sexual activity.

Do you feel attraction through an emotional component? Then maybe you are demisexual. And do you sometimes ask yourself: what is sapiosexuality or would you like to know what bisexuality means?

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