“Panta Rhei” – cheers for Klangwolke with stunts and water games

Applause and cheers from the many spectators in the Linz Donaupark for the sound cloud “Panta Rhei” by Robert Dornhelm presented by the “Krone”. Above all, two aerial acrobats and powerful drum sequences impressed. And: There was special applause for the decision to forego the fireworks for the sake of the environment.

“Everything flows” was the motto of this year’s Klangwolke in the Linz Donaupark, which scored points with floating cellists, oversized harp, water projections and aerial acrobats.

The sometimes calm and atmospheric, sometimes powerfully booming music delighted the audience, mostly listening on picnic blankets in the park. The poems recited by the writer Michael Köhlmeier also contributed to the poetic atmosphere.

At the end of the year, for the sake of the environment, there was a laser show instead of the fireworks – the decision was given special applause by the audience.