PAP launches a new service to make life easier for tenants and owners alike

The property listings site Particulier Particulier (PAP) is launching its Locathque service. It should make it easier for tenants to find housing, but also allow landlords to save time.

If you have been a tenant recently, or if you still are, you know it: finding a property often proves to be a real obstacle course. Different documents to provide depending on each agency or owner, endless refusals, and a time spent searching the often colossal classifieds sites.

On the other side of the spectrum, landlords also face constraints when it comes to renting out a property. Respond to multiple requests, find the right tenant, check the documents in the file… All of this is sometimes complicated. Quite often, tenants complain about the lack of answers, while landlords say they are overwhelmed. According to the Particulier Particulier (PAP) real estate ad site, owners receive an average of 83 inquiries on a studio listing.

Faced with this, PAP has therefore decided to launch a new service, called locathque, in partnership with DossierFacile, the State’s digital rental file service, to facilitate procedures and respond to problems encountered by both parties.

A time saver for everyone

Concretely, how does it work? For the tenant, it is first necessary to complete his file thanks to DossierFacile, which indicates each the list of the rooms which concern him. The DossierFacile teams support tenants who need it to successfully make their file complete and in compliance with the law, PAP indicates in its press release.

Moreover, a watermark is affixed to the rooms, which protects the tenants against identity theft. Once the file is done, the tenant also indicates what he is looking for (area, location, number of rooms, etc.). This makes it possible to centralize the parts of the file, and to avoid redoing it 50 times, each visit, assures PAP.

A free service for tenants

Once this is done, the tenant takes over, to send the tenant’s file to the owner who placed his ad on the PAP site, if the latter meets the tenant’s criteria. The owners, for their part, receive applications from tenants registered with the Locathque as soon as their announcement is published. They can then consult the documents in the file online and thus very easily select the applications that suit them, before arranging the visits.

This service allows a much more efficient and secure rental process, both for tenants and owners. The process is free for tenants. For owners, posting an ad on the PAP site is already billed at 15 euros for one week. With this price, they will also have the right to access this service.

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