Paramount announces Sonic 3 and Knuckles (a movie and a series)

Paramount is very motivated when it comes to series adaptations and therefore it is two good news that await fans of Sonic. If the second Blue Hedgehog film will not be released until March 30 in France, we already know that it will only be the beginning for this universe destined to expand with at least one other film and a series. take that BioShock and Halo !

Knuckles will also face Chaos?

The studio therefore announced on Twitter thata Sonic 3 movie was already in the works without further details regarding its release window, which characters might make an appearance there or the eventual return of Jeff Fowler, director of the first two films. On the other hand, we know that Idris Elba will resume service in the role of Knuckles for a series dedicated to the echidna which will be released next year.

A choice addition to the actor’s television career after TheWire, Luther Where The Office will probably say… not many people, despite all our sympathy for the first film. Again, no clue to the plot, but we imagine that it will be an opportunity to explore the origins of the character with everything related to his clan and the emeralds.

See you on March 30 for the film sonic 2in 2023 for the series Knuckles and a day for the movie sonic 3. And probably the game Sonic Frontiers in the middle of all this, logically at the end of the year.

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