Paramount +: the streaming service arrives tomorrow in France, an update on the price of the subscription and the catalog

The platforms of SVoD are multiplying, most production and publishing companies prefer to create their own services rather than go through netflix, the pioneer of the genre. After months of waiting, Paramount+ will finally land in France tomorrow, Thursday December 1, 2022.

As expected, the subscribers Canal+ Cine-Series and Canal+ Friends & Family will be able to take advantage of Paramount+ with their subscriptions at no additional cost, while subscribers to other services of Canal+ will be entitled to advantageous prices. Otherwise, Paramount announcement another partnership with Orange this timeallowing you to subscribe to Paramount+ via the decoder TV4 Where UHD and enjoy the service of SVoD directly on their devices Orange.

Otherwise, Paramount+ will obviously be available alone on the web, via mobile applications and even on connected TVs, the firm cites for example the devices Apple, Amazon, Google, Roku and Samsungwhich should concern most people. The subscription to Paramount+ will cost €7.99 per month, with two devices connected simultaneously and the possibility of subscribing at €79.90 per year. Whatever the formula, users can discover Paramount+ with a 7-day trial period and the ability to cancel the subscription at any time.

Regarding the catalog of Paramount+this will obviously be varied, with films, series and programs of Paramount Pictures obviously, but also show time, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon or Smithsonian Chanel. The firm highlights the mini-series The Offerthe prequel 1883 of Yellowstoneseries Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and the movie The First Lady. Of course there will be original productions, with the series Halo, Tusla King with Sylvester Stallone, 1923series Mayor of Kingstown, American Gigolo, Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber, The Man Who Fell to the Earthwithout forgetting French productions such as The signal and Stadiumanime for adults with Beavis and Butt-Head to the Conquest of the Universe and South Park The Streaming Warscartoons for the youngest like Spongebob, paw patrol, Icarly, BigNatethe reboot of the Rugrats and The Fantagenites: Another Fanta. Obviously, blockbusters will also be there with Without a Sound 2, Impossible mission, The Godfather, transformers and the saga IndianaJonesas well as French cult films like The big Blue, The Children of Paradise, The goat, The three brothers, Cloclo or The War of the Buttons from 1973. Marco Nobili, Executive Vice President and International General Manager of Paramount+comments:

We are proud to launch in France Paramount+, the only streaming service where you can find Sylvester Stallone, SpongeBob SquarePants and Harrison Ford in the same place alongside iconic brands like Star Trek, South Park, Halo and recent films or classics that have marked world cinema. With more than a century of experience in the art of storytelling thanks to our prestigious Hollywood studios and our production companies around the world, Paramount has no equal in creating an offer of content capable of seducing the widest audience.

Paramount+ More Catalog

Only time will tell if Paramount+ will succeed in attracting subscribers compared to other services of SVoD already installed. At least the catalog already looks more enticing than somersaultwhich is currently struggling. You can try and then subscribe to Paramount+ from tomorrow on its official websiteand if you prefer physical versions of your films and series, you can find Blu-rays and DVDs on Amazon.

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