parents willing to lie to get to work?


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Overwhelmed by this umpteenth government health protocol, many parents are ready to lie and cheat to get to work, even if it means spreading the virus …

This Monday, January 10, 2022, guest on the television news set, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, unveiled the new protocol implemented in schools to fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. This is the third in just a week.
“We are going to make a number of simplifications. Our goal is to leave schools open”, assured the politician who completely rejects the idea of ​​closing classes in the event of a positive student, despite the demands of many unions on strike this Thursday.

Jean Castex thus announced three new simplification devices : firstly, if a child is in a class where a Covid-19 case is detected, parents will no longer be required to come and pick up their child. From now on, parents will have to carry out self-tests themselves and provide a sworn statement indicating that their child is negative for him to return to school.

“I have to work or we die”

Overwhelmed by these brutal changes in protocol, many parents crack up. Asked by Nice morning, some parents admit wanting to lie or even cheat, even if it means spreading the virus.

“I can’t be in the kitchen and manage my son”, confided a restaurateur from Nice. Unfortunately, a child has just tested positive for Covid-19 in her son’s class, however, this mother, who wished to remain anonymous, admits it: I will not do a test at all and I will do a false sworn statement. I will say my son is negative to go back to school. I have to work or else we sink the case and we die “.

But she’s not the only one who thinks lies so she can get to work. M. is a mother, after a long period of unemployment, she has just landed a CDD as a saleswoman in a large retailer. “Impossible to miss work. I am a solo mother. Without me, my children do not eat …”, she explained.

“We’re going to break protocol. Anyway, it’s crazy what we’re being asked to do. I’m not a nurse, I’m not going to put a cotton swab in my son’s nose.”, added another mom.
“Even if we want to do a PCR or an antigen test, everything is saturated. Pharmacies and labs are overflowing. It’s ugly but we have no choice, we cannot telecommute …”, she concluded.

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