Paris: 200 police operations organized this Thursday to raise awareness of noise pollution

After a first day dedicated to the protection of pedestrians, the Parisian municipality is organizing a new operation this Thursday, April 28, this time devoted to the fight against noise pollution. More than 200 coordinated operations will take place throughout the day.

Noise caused by road traffic, by construction sites but also by Parisians gathered on the terrace… In Paris, the municipality has announced the ambitious objective of reducing noise pollution by 2 decibels by 2026. That is an acoustic reduction of 37%.

An objective included in the Noise Plan carried by Dan Lert, the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of ecological transition, the climate plan, water and energy. But for the chosen one, it is not enough “not simply to display objectives”, it is above all necessary to “increase the means of control”.

Municipal police on the ground

And this is precisely the purpose of this day according to him: “this operation is also to show that the fight against noise pollution is part of the mission objectives of the municipal police. This will be part of his daily missions”, he explains.

In fact, more than 200 coordinated operations will be organized throughout the day, all over Paris. The opportunity to do pedagogy, but also to finally focus on verbalization.

“Until today, we carried out random checks regularly in Paris, but this will intensify”, promises Dan Lert, who cites the experimentation of the verbalization of the very first sound radars in the summer or even the doubling of the 8 jellyfish sensors already installed in Paris.

Impunity for noise pollution must not exist. This is also recalled by Nicolas Nordman, the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of the municipal police this Thursday in Le Parisien, giving as proof the 3,000 reports related to noise drawn up last year.

According to his figures, 1,600 PV would have been drawn up for incivilities (terraces, construction sites, noise, etc.) and 1,400 for road traffic. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, 200 fines were also issued, 55% of which were against motorized two-wheelers deemed too noisy.

Pollution which “makes Parisians sick” assures Dan Lert, who recalls that noise is “a major public health issue”, responsible “for 9 months of loss of life in good health for Parisians”, according to Bruitparif. Or that “an unbridled motorcycle circulating in Paris at night can wake up to 10,000 people”

“That’s why we are accelerating the action of the City, which will embrace all fields of intervention,” says the deputy. Its final Noise Plan will be presented to the Council of Paris in July, with in particular the experimentation of the verbalization of the two radars installed in Paris.

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