Paris 2024 Olympic Games – 100 days before the Games, the excitement is winning over the athletes: “We feel that people can’t wait”

Martin Lange / Photo credit: ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT / AFP

Under construction, the Grand Palais has been transferring its exhibitions there since 2021. The ephemeral Grand Palais, this large hall located on the Champ de Mars, just opposite the Eiffel Tower, will also host, in a few weeks, events for the Paris Olympic Games -2024. Wrestling, and especially judo, the great provider of medals, will be contested there. This is also where around a hundred athletes gathered this Wednesday, 100 days before the opening ceremony, to start the countdown.

These athletes are well aware that this is the event of a lifetime that is approaching. “It’s been real since I qualified in June,” smiles boxer Estelle Mossely, Olympic champion in Rio in 2016. “On the other hand, it’s intensifying, it adds to the pressure it takes to be focused. But when we see everyone, we say to ourselves ‘Well, the Games are still in 100 days, it will pass quickly’ when we have trained for months, finally 100 days that is. is nothing at all,” she adds.

“We know that during an Olympic year, there are always more demands, but here…”

Even the most experienced recognize that these Games are not like the others, like Mélina Robert-Michon, 44 years old, and oldest member of the French team with already six Olympics under her belt. “We know that during an Olympic year, there is always more demand, more demand. But here, I believe that it is multiplied by 100, even by 1,000 compared to a classic Olympic year. Not a day goes by without someone saying ‘So, how are you?’ We feel that people can’t wait for it to start, but it’s cool, it feels good,” confides the discus throwing specialist.

Mélina Robert-Michon and Estelle Mossely could also lead the French delegation during the opening ceremony. This Wednesday, the athletes also discovered the outfits, designed by the designer Berluti and adorned with a blue, white and red collar, which they will wear during the ceremonies.

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