Paris: a man sentenced to 4 years in prison after three sexual assaults in the public space

This 24-year-old individual also received a 10-year ban from French territory.

A 24-year-old man was sentenced Monday, November 21 to four years in prison and ten years banishment from French territory, learned Le Figaro from judicial sources. He was tried in immediate appearance for three sexual assaults committed on three young men, two of which were aggravated by the use of a weapon, as well as for the use of narcotics. According to the media News 17 the convicted man is an Algerian national in an irregular situation on the national territory.

The case begins on Friday, November 18 shortly after 7 a.m., rue de Lourmel, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. In the space of a few minutes, two high school students aged 16 and 18 are approached by an individual on their way to class. Under the threat of a metal hook about 15 centimeters long, the man drags them into a square before touching their sex. He explains to his victims that he has a pistol.

An investigation is quickly opened at the police station of the 15th. Based on the testimonies of the victims, a first description of the suspect is established: an individual of North African type, aged 20 to 25, wearing a black Puma brand cap and a black satchel with a BMW logo. The suspect speaks “bad French” and has an Arabic accent. Under the influence of alcohol and cocaine, he declares his first name “Imene”.

Arrested in the RER A

The next morning, Saturday November 19, police officers from the Blast (a plainclothes brigade service for the Ile-de-France networks) spotted an individual corresponding to the description at the Gare du Nord. They follow him and quickly realize that he is the wanted suspect.

The man wanders the streets and again approaches young men. Performing judo holds, he tries to lead them to places out of sight, including building halls. He then tries to enter the grounds of a college in the 9th arrondissement. This individual with a disturbing profile was finally arrested at 9:25 a.m. at the Auber station, on the RER A, after having tried to kiss a 21-year-old young man.

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