Paris: centrist elected Nicolas Jeanneté indicted for drug trafficking

Nicolas Jeanneté, director of the New Center – Les Centristes party and adviser to the town hall of Paris, was indicted on Friday in particular for drug trafficking and consultation of child pornography images, AFP learned from a judicial source. He was presented to an examining magistrate, who indicted him for possession, acquisition, transport, offer or sale of narcotics and possession, importation, habitual consultation of child pornography images. He was placed under judicial supervision.

Suspicions of resale of narcotics during “chemsex” parties

The Parisian revealed in recent days the placement in police custody on Monday of Nicolas Jeanneté, 57, arrested by the police of the Narcotics Brigade (BS) on suspicion of resale, during “chemsex” evenings, of narcotics purchased on the Internet. “Chemsex” is the consumption of synthetic drugs such as 3MMC or GHB to increase sexual pleasure, excitement or endurance. The preliminary investigation for drug trafficking and money laundering has been open since August 2022, confirmed the Paris prosecutor’s office.

According The Parisian on Tuesday, investigators discovered hundreds of child pornography images on the elected official’s computer equipment during a search of his home. LR and related officials at the Council of Paris, where Nicolas Jeanneté is elected, indicated Monday evening that they had suspended him as a precaution.

“It is with dismay that the Changer Paris group has learned of the placement in police custody of one of its members on charges that contravene the values ​​defended by our group,” the political group tweeted on Monday.

Philippe Goujon, LR mayor of the 15th arrondissement, where this centrist official is located, also indicated on Monday that he had withdrawn from Nicolas Jeanneté his delegation for public tranquility, prevention and the municipal police.

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