Paris Hilton: She claims to have invented the selfie with Britney Spears


Paris Hilton claimed in 2017 that she invented the selfie with Britney Spears. Nothing has changed three years later.

A good three years ago, Paris Hilton (39, "House of Wax") put forward the theory on Twitter that they invented the selfie in 2006 together with Britney Spears (38, "Toxic"). Now the hotel heiress renewed her claim another tweet on the social media platform. It remains controversial.

"14 years ago Britney Spears and I invented the selfie," you can read next to said photo, which shows the "… Baby One More Time" interpreter and Hilton smiling together into the camera.

Back in 2017, the daughter of Rick (65) and Kathy Hilton (61) had the same photo, as well as another photo of themselves and Spears uploaded to their account. The fact that she claimed the invention of the selfie for herself and the former pop princess had sparked discussions on the internet at the time.

Did Madonna take the very first selfie back in 1985?

For their part, some users tweeted older photos three years ago that allegedly document the time the phenomenon was born. These included an apparent selfie by pop star Madonna (62) from the 1985 film "Susan … desperately wanted", as well as a scene from the film "Thelma & Louise" (1991) with Geena Davis (64) and Susan Sarandon (74 ) in the leading roles. Another photo even came from 1910.

In 2020, the resistance to Hilton's theory will be limited. Many of her followers responded with approval or with the typical phrase "That's hot" for the hotel heiress, which she patented a few years ago. Nevertheless: a Twitter user linked a supposed list of the "10 oldest selfies of all time" in the comment line. A photo that was taken in 1839 made it to first place.