Parliamentary holidays: Jean-Luc Bourgeaux, LR deputy, cultivates his land during the holidays

Alexis Delafontaine

Winegrower, campsite owner or farmer… Some MPs have not abandoned their old jobs. This is the case of Jean-Luc Bourgeaux who resumes service in his operation in Ille-et-Vilaine during the holidays of the National Assembly. A way for him to keep his feet on the ground and to stay close to his constituents.

While the work of the National Assembly is suspended until October, the deputies take advantage of their holidays to rest. But some have decided to devote this political break to their profession. This is the case of Jean-Luc Bourgeaux, a farmer in Ille-et-Vilaine. He believes that cultivating his land allows him to stay close to his constituents.

Colleagues “quickly disconnected”

Jean-Luc insisted on keeping two lives, that of deputy and that of farmer. “Because it’s a family farm. My grandfather arrived here in 1935. Here we are, we care about it”, he confides at the microphone of Europe 1. But for this LR deputy, it is also a way to stay close to the concerns of the French, because he judges his colleagues quickly disconnected.

“Jean-Luc is available”

“We should be more numerous at the limit like that. People who, in relation to their profession, can represent a bridge in the National Assembly”, assures Jean-Luc Bourgeaux. A mentality and a proximity appreciated by its constituents, like Daniel, a retiree from the village. “Jean-Luc is available. As soon as we need him for anything, Jean-Luc arrives”, he testifies.

If you listen to Jean-Luc, this double life is not about to stop: “I’m going to ride on my tractor and cultivate my land for at least another ten years.” For his political career, the deputy “will see” how many years he wishes to sit in the National Assembly. Before the return to parliament on October 3, Jean-Luc can still concentrate on the work on his farm.

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