Parquet: With this trick scratches in your wooden floor disappear

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With this trick, scratches in your wooden floor disappear in no time

Scratches on the floor are annoying, but with a simple trick they can no longer be seen.


Unfortunately, scratches in the parquet or laminate cannot always be avoided, some even give the floor a certain charm. Nevertheless, scratches are of course annoying in many cases – here you can see how you can get rid of them again.

Depending on the look, a beautiful wooden floor can give the home a special elegance or create a cozy atmosphere. However, wood is also very sensitive and must therefore be treated carefully, otherwise small water stains or even scratches can quickly appear.

With this life hack your floor will look like new again

If, despite all caution, there are small dents in the wooden floor, these can be easily removed with something that we all probably have at home. What this is and how you can easily make the scratch disappear with it, you can see in the video.

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