Partial tear of the Achilles tendon: Superstar Frodeno has to cancel the World Cup injured

Partial tear of the Achilles tendon
Superstar Frodeno has to cancel the World Cup injured

The next German triathlon star is missing from the Ironman World Championship: After Patrick Lange, Jan Frodeno also has to do without a start in Utah. The 40-year-old is suffering from a partial tear in the Achilles tendon. But he relies on the showdown in Hawaii.

Triathlon superstar Jan Frodeno is unable to compete in an Ironman World Championship for the second time in his exceptional career due to injury. The 40-year-old three-time champion announced he was recently diagnosed with a partial Achilles tendon rupture. “Now it’s time to play it safe,” emphasized Frodeno.

A start and a title defense on May 7th is therefore not possible. “If you have a partial tear, there is always a risk that more will happen,” said Frodeno. This means that the next top athlete is missing in the race on May 7th over 3.86 kilometers of swimming, 180.2 kilometers of cycling and 42.2 kilometers. Previously, the two-time world champion Patrick Lange (2017 and 2018) had to cancel his participation after a wheel crash and a shoulder injury, as did the three-time vice world champion Lucy Charles-Barclay for women.

The Briton is out due to a stress fracture in her hip. After the World Cup had to be canceled in October last year, as in the previous year, due to the corona pandemic, the 2021 edition was awarded to St. George in the US state of Utah. In October of this year there will be another showdown in Hawaii.

In 2018 Frodeno had to pass the Big Island due to a hip injury. In 2019 he had won his third title after 2015 and 2016. This is the second time he’s missed a big race he’d like to start in. “It’s part of the sport, but that doesn’t make it any easier,” Frodeno commented on the situation: “My dream is still to come to Big Island in Hawaii and have a really big race there.”

He is currently unable to walk for more than an hour. “But that’s not enough for a marathon, not even half a marathon,” said the 2008 Olympic champion, who last prepared for the coming season at a winter training camp. He was really fit, he emphasized: “I hope to return soon.”

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