Partygate: who is Lord Pannick, the star lawyer who defends Boris Johnson?

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PORTRAIT. After having fought it for a long time, David Pannick now advises the former Prime Minister. From Lady Di to Gina Miller, he has distinguished himself in emblematic cases.

By Laure Van Ruymbekein London

After having been opposed to Boris Johnson for a long time in several sensitive issues, David Pannick defends the interests of the former Prime Minister in the Partygate affair.

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BOris Johnson and Lord Pannick form an unlikely duo. Today defender of the former Prime Minister, the lawyer has distinguished himself in the past by thwarting the political ambitions of BoJo. In 2016, first, alongside Gina Miller, businesswomen and activist opposed to Brexit. Lord Pannick then successfully argued before the Supreme Court that, without a vote in Parliament, the Prime Minister could not trigger Article 50 and leave the European Union.

In the summer of 2019, still before the Supreme Court, he again won his case against Downing Street, which had suspended Parliament to prevent him from voting against a Brexit without an agreement with the EU. Finally, in 2022, the lawyer writes a column in the Times. To denounce Boris Johnson’s bill on the normal protocol…

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