Pascal Obispo sends a big tackle to Axel, “We have to be careful”

While every week the Star Academy castle sees new personalities visit the students, it was the singer Pascal Obispo who went there this Monday, November 27. A visit during which the artist did not keep his tongue in his pocket! Indeed, neither seen nor known, he launched a small attack on the production of the program.

If the Monday before it was Louane who visited the residents of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, last Monday it was Vitaa’s turn to have spent an evening in the company of the students of the Star Academy. A tradition which continues with the visit of Pascal Obispo this Monday, November 27, 2023. The singer came to spend a few hours with the students of the class of 2023, and took the opportunity to debrief the prime with them. Known for his rants and his outspokenness, Pascal Obispo did not hesitate to offer some constructive criticism to certain students, including young Axel.

Surprised by his idol Florent Pagny during the bonus on the piece Les Murs Portantes, Pascal Obispo did not fail to point out to Axel his gestures which were far too pronounced. A sequence broadcast during the live on MyTF1 and where he compares it to “Leonardo DiCaprio on the boat» by letting out a: “You have to pay attention to stage expression“. A tackle taken up by all the other students who laughed upon discovering the singer’s frankness. It’s not just Axel who took it for his stride, but the show itself!

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Pascal Obispo criticizes the production choices

Speaking openly about what he thinks, Pascal Obispo also launched a little dig at the production of the program by mentioning a rule with which he does not agree at all: that of imposing songs on students on bonuses. , but also during evaluations. He says to the students: “You should have your choice of songs at prime. It’s not good not to be able to choose”, a thought that he then explains: “I think we can’t sing something else that doesn’t suit us (…) Otherwise there’s no point in singing. I’m throwing a stone into the pond. I think it’s important“.

If at first glance the students appeared embarrassed by the artist’s remark, Candice, the 20-year-old from Cannes, finally took the floor to defend the concept by praising the advantages of “get out of your comfort zone“. She then adds: “I find other styles interesting to try and see what I can do with my voice. I take a little trip, and then I return home“. So who is wrong or who is right, this remains a debate on which no one has decided!

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