Pascal Praud and you – Manon Aubry on Gérard Depardieu: “His place is not on TV, it is now in court”

Gauthier Delomez

Guest of the show “Pascal Praud et vous”, every day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Europe 1, European MP Manon Aubry reacted to the revelations made against the actor Gérard Depardieu, accused of rape and assault sexual. “His place now is in court,” she said. Listen to the excerpt again. You can react at

While Gérard Depardieu is targeted by accusations of rape and sexual assault, a new issue of Further investigation broadcast last Thursday revealed interviews in which the actor admitted to having participated in rapes. Shocking remarks for Manon Aubry, MEP of La France insoumise who, interviewed in the show Pascal Praud and you, wishes that the French actor would no longer be admired. “I don’t want to devote a form of worship to the great actor that he was. He behaved like a big pig, and the place of big pigs is in the courts. Gérard Depardieu’s only place, it’s not on TV, from now on, it’s in court”, she said on Europe 1’s microphone.

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