Passers-by as helpers – After a car crash: Alcoholic drivers are freed from the wreck

Spectacular traffic accident late Saturday evening in the Tyrolean Zillertal: A 44-year-old local lost control of his car, got off the road and fell several meters over the embankment. Subsequent passers-by freed the injured driver from the wreck. A breathalyzer was positive.

The accident happened shortly after 11 p.m. in Hainzenberg. The 44-year-old Tyrolean was driving his car down the Gerlosstrasse when he suddenly lost control. As a result, the car went over the edge of the road and fell several meters over a slope. Trees prevented another crash. The car came to a standstill lying on the passenger side. Passers-by helped the driver out of the accident car. The driver suffered significant injuries and was taken to the Schwaz district hospital after first aid with the ambulance. An alcohol test carried out on the 44-year-old was positive. Appropriate advertisements will follow. The Hainzenberg and Zell am Ziller fire brigades, ambulance and emergency doctor as well as the police were in action.
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