Pasta made from insects? – You have probably never eaten this pasta before

Everyone likes to eat pasta. You can read why so many people now love pasta from grilling in our trends.

Proteins are very important for our body. They support muscle building, help a leaner body and help build hair, skin and nails. Animal proteins are of particularly high quality, but they are not always the best choice in terms of ecology and climate technology.

Many therefore rely on vegetable protein sources such as legumes, tofu and nuts. Now there is a new product on the market that combines both: the best animal protein with a good ecological footprint.

Pasta made from insects

What may sound a little disgusting at first is actually very good for our bodies. The insect pasta contains 40g protein per 100g, which it owes to finely ground and organically grown crickets. This new type of protein source can also convince critics with a biological value of 93%.

Because of disgusting!

The UN desperately wants more insects on the menu. Because crickets, beetles and the like are easy to breed and very climate-friendly:

  • Insects need much less feed
  • Insects come without antibiotics
  • The production of insect protein requires much less space and CO² (than is the case with cattle)
  • Insects need less water

They also contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, a lot of iron, minerals and vitamins. The taste of the insects is reminiscent of roasted chicken – so no compromises are made here either.

Benetos High Protein Pasta – insect pasta made from cricket flour

After Lara Schuhwerk was convinced of the many positive properties of the insects during a stay in China, she founded “Beneto’s High Protein Pasta” and thus also convinced German investors from the program “Die Höhle der Löwen”. The pasta consists of cricket flour and can be combined with any sauce.

It is rich in protein and has a really tasty taste – give it a try! Here are our recommendations:

2 x 200g
€ 11.80
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If you can’t convince yourself of insects, but would like to eat more protein, we recommend high protein pasta made from legumes:

High protein pasta

10 x 200g
€ 32.90
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High protein pasta

€ 3.07
250 g
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High protein pasta

€ 5.99
250 g
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High protein pasta

6 x 250 g
€ 21.99
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