Pastor under suspicion – child pornography: This is how the raid took place in the rectory

The “Krone” story hit like the proverbial bombshell: A 54-year-old pastor from western Styria is suspected of having consumed child porn. In a raid, incriminating material was seized to a considerable extent. The Diocese of Graz strongly condemns the possible acts.

There were spectacular scenes that took place in western Styria in the summer: police officers marched into the office and apartment of a priest, confiscated data carriers such as USB sticks. It contained “some incriminating material”, as the “Krone” public prosecutor confirmed: Photos and videos with child pornography content were seized and evaluated by an expert. Two years imprisonment threatened who routinely monitors child porn sites on the Internet. He informed the Federal Criminal Police Office, which in turn switched on the State Criminal Police Office. The traces of data led to the pastor’s computer. Now there is a final report on the cause, which could lead to an indictment. The 54 year old suspect faces two years imprisonment if convicted (the presumption of innocence applies) the suspicion had been communicated ”. If you have been guilty of something, “this will result in criminal and ecclesiastical judgments that correspond to the gravity of the offense”. And: “We condemn in the strongest possible terms those actions that are in this room!”
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