Patch 5 extends the ending of Baldur’s Gate 3 and adds new difficulties

It’s the party before time on Baldur’s Gate 3 with the arrival of patch 5. In addition to correcting numerous performance issues, the long-awaited epilogue since their discovery in the game files has arrived. And this doesn’t come alone, since two game modes are also added, in addition to a solution to manage your inventory more efficiently. If each patch was already an opportunity to start a save again, this one has some nice surprises in store.

We have known this since its launch, but Larian will have been too ambitious in its project. However, in the space of a few months, they managed to completely transcend an already extraordinary experience. With the arrival of patch 5, the studio is starting to dig into the features removed to make Baldur’s Gate 3 even more immense. This results in the addition of an epilogue allowing you to see your companions again, new fights, a Korean version and enormous work on performances.

But that’s obviously not all. The problems caused by patch 4 are also corrected. Not all unfortunately, since Astarion still seems to have difficulty kissing his lover. However, the entirety of Act 3 should be much more enjoyable now. Act 1 and 2 also received improvements to be more fluid. All this weighs its weight, however, since the patch weighs no less than 30 GB.

New challenges for the brave

If we were to note only one modification, it would not be the epilogue. Even if it is good to know that we will be able to see our companions again after a somewhat abrupt ending, Tactical mode could lack challenges. However, Larian corrects this with the addition of an Honor mode, which offers a much tougher challenge. While there is no doubt that paladins addicted to their divine punishments will manage to get rid of their enemies without difficulty, the more exotic classes will be able to benefit from a real challenge.

Likewise, a personalized mode is making its debut, enough to make the experience unique according to your desires. Major absence from the series
divinity, it’s a bit like the Game Master mode that we can never have. Difficulty of combat, power of the team, bonus to dice rolls or even multiclass authorization, there is everything you need to personalize your game. The options allow you to make everything more difficult than in Honor mode, enough to test veterans of Dungeons & Dragons.

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