Patrice has suffered from an incurable disability since birth.

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Love is in the meadow will soon return to M6 for a new season. The opportunity to discover the new candidates including Patrice, a breeder of suckler cows who has always suffered from an incurable disability.

On January 30, loyal viewers will have the pleasure of rediscovering the cult program of M6 Love is in the meadow. As usual, Karine Le Marchand will meet new candidates. And after discovering Baptiste, the young dad already a favorite of viewers, Patrice’s story could well move the public. This 39-year-old cow farmer hopes to find love despite his disability.

Originally from Normandy, he was struck at birth with a hemiplegia. It is a paralysis affecting mainly children and which affects the left side or the right side of the body. According to official health sources, 1 child in 1,000 suffers from hemiplegia. There is no treatment for this disabling disease, other than rehabilitation as soon as possible in order to recover certain motor skills. Since his birth, Patrice has been affected by this disease which affects his hand and his right leg.

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Who will be able to touch Patrice’s heart?

Despite his handicap, Patrice does his job perfectly and takes care of his herd of 45 cows on a daily basis. At the same time, he grows barley, rapeseed, flax and beets. This touching candidate hopes to find love by participating in Love is in the meadow. “All I want is to finally be able to meet someone and hug them”, says Patrice in his portrait. To have a chance of seducing Patrice, the contenders will have to meet a few criteria dear to the farmer, namely to be “joyful, sweet, sincere and patient”. But above all, agree to start a family by his side!

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