Patrick Balkany is having fun at the music festival: the video that shocks internet users: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

This is a music festival that the Balkanys will not soon forget. A music festival that smells of the scent of newfound freedom. Forget the prison of health! Hello summer in Levallois-Perret! After their conviction for tax evasion, and when the 71-year-old politician has just gotten out of prison, the couple decided to have fun in the sun and celebrate the music festival as it should be. No matter the forced ineligibility, the farewell to his office as mayor … Even if the bill was steep for the convicted, the main thing is to have been released for health reasons. The Paris Court of Appeal had acceded to his request for release, explaining that the deterioration in his state of health was “Hardly compatible with detention.” Patrick Balkany had notably lost around thirty kilos during his stay behind bars. Anyway, some residents of the Hauts-de-Seine commune where the Balkany ruled were also happy to share the arrival of summer with the couple. And for good reason: despite all their political and judicial pans, Patrick and Isabelle Balkany remain, there, largely adored. They will be delighted to learn that Patrick Balkany is doing better. Much better ! The former mayor was thus filmed, Sunday, June 21, 2020, dancing in the streets of Levallois.

"We have stretched our legs!"

Fuchsia pink sweater and glasses screwed on the nose, the politician showed his best dance steps for this music festival. Irony of life: it's about the song Djomb, de Bosh, which Patrick Balkany performed. The lyrics are appropriate: "Glasses on my nose, I'm trying to pass incognito / On the B, I dodge the condes, the comico." Several videos were filmed by passers-by or residents present at the time. Isabelle Balkany herself could not resist the urge to share images of this delicious moment with her subscribers on her Facebook account. On this video, we even see her dancing alongside her husband on the Black Eyed Peas tube, I Gotta Feeling. “We stretched our legs! ”, she wrote, among other things, as a legend. The images made many Internet users react, surprised to see Patrick Balkany in such good health. However, nothing illegal. “The Paris Court of Appeal authorized his release, however, imposing on him a light judicial review, without bail, in the case of tax fraud and money laundering”, remind our colleagues of Franceinfo. "The conditions were as follows: fix his residence at the Cossy mill, prohibition from leaving the national territory and obligation to report twice a month to the gendarmerie." There is therefore no violation of these conditions. On May 27, 2020, the couple was found guilty of laundering tax fraud and failure to declare the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life by the Court of Appeal, and Patrick Balkany was found guilty of the offense of taking illegal interest. “A conviction without a warrant.”

????? Fête de la Musique, a top, top, top idea that makes a flop, a flop, a flop … Given the context, great to put musical floats through the streets of Levallois … but why at 3 pm, by definition the absolutely "hollow" hour of Sunday, when the streets are empty, when they were teeming with people this morning and will fill up again this evening ???? Fortunately, we were drinking coffee at the Anjou brewery and, hop, we stretched our legs!

Posted by Isabelle Balkany on Sunday, June 21, 2020

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