Patrick Balkany: the video of his wandering hand scandalizes internet users: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Patrick Balkany, 71, has been free since his release from prison on medical grounds on February 12, 2020. He has been incarcerated since September 13, 2020. The court found that the deterioration of Patrick Balkany's state of health was "hardly compatible with detention". The former councilor and his wife were, however, subsequently convicted on appeal for "exceptional scale"according to the magistrates. But since he was free, the intimate friend of Nicolas Sarkozy seems to have recovered from the hair of the beast. From the deconfinement, he and his wife Isabelle were seen with friends seated at a terrace in Levallois -Perret. Wide smile and mine of the great days, the couple seemed far from the legal tumult which hovers over them. Sunday June 21 on the occasion of the Fête de la Musique, Patrick Balkany even sketched a few dance steps on the macadam of his fiefdom which he cherishes so much. But a video also reveals even more embarrassing moments.

Patrick Balkany slips his hand into the back pocket of a woman's pants

Because Sunday June 21, the former detainee had decided to guincher and above all to get closer to one's fellow citizens. Maybe a little too much. Images posted on Twitter show him clearly stroking the buttocks of a passerby with whom he seems to be posing. The former mayor, not frankly discreet, spends a long time going back and forth, going so far as to slip his hand into the back pocket of this woman's pants. All this alongside his wife, Isabelle, an unwavering ally. Far from the judicial way of the cross that awaits them, the couple twirls in the streets in this bastion they call "their third child"Shocked by these images, many Internet users reacted on Twitter.

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