Patrick Pelloux in turmoil: his loved ones step up to the plate, a “political maneuver” denounced

By Bertrand Bielle | Journalist

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Professor Karine Lacombe described her colleague Patrick Pelloux as a “sexual predator”. The latter defends himself from all these accusations. And he can count on a lot of support.

Patrick Pelloux in turmoil: his loved ones step up to the plate, a “political maneuver” denounced

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Star doctor Patrick Pelloux, who is very regularly invited on television sets, finds himself facing very serious accusations brought against him by infectious disease specialist Karine Lacombe, the head of infectious diseases at Saint-Antoine hospital. She called him a “sexual predator” in an interview with West France last October, without naming him at the time, before confirming that it is indeed him, in the pages of Paris Match a few days ago: “I didn’t cite it because I wanted to show the system in which medical studies took place, very virile, very sexual, and the universality of the question.”

Patrick Pelloux completely denies the accusations made against him by Karine Lacombe and even intends to take the matter to court. “I am stunned and destroyed by all these lies. Everything is defamation. My lawyers will file a complaint against the actors of this cabal. We were too saucy at the time, we didn’t even have a relationship with sex. But I have never attacked anyone.“, he confided to Point, he who can count on some support. Those close to him highlight “a political maneuver”, as explained by our colleagues who met them.

A lack of evidence?

This is supported in particular by Christophe Prudhomme, spokesperson for the Association of Emergency Physicians in France union, headed by Patrick Pelloux. Dr Julie Guiader also has confidence in him, she who was an intern at Saint-Antoine hospital in 2004: “I’ve never seen him make any inappropriate gestures towards a woman. A loud mouth should not be confused with an aggressor.“For Anne Wernet, president of the national union of hospital anesthesia practitioners, this “media coverage without proof” is regrettable.

She adds that it is “up to justice to decide.” It remains to be seen what will be decided in this matter.

Remember that at present, Patrick Pelloux is presumed innocent of the facts with which he is accused, or at least implied.

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