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Today became the titular presenter of the 8 p.m. news of France 2 during the week, Anne-Sophie Lapix worked for a long time on TF1. A channel where the journalist had the opportunity to rub shoulders with Patrick Poivre d'Arvor for several years. Asked by The Parisian about the iconic former presenter of the 8 p.m. news of TF1, Anne Sophie Lapix is expressed regarding accusations of rape to which he is the subject following the complaint of the writer Florence Porcel.

"It is essential that women who feel victimized can speak out and be listened to. Regarding PPDA, I refer you to the words of Claire Chazal ", indicated Anne-Sophie Lapix. The journalist here refers to the fact that the former presenter of the 8 p.m. news of TF1, who was the companion of Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, mentioned his side "seducer, loving to conquer, and let's say it, to multiply female conquests" sure France Inter. Claire Chazal had thus defended the journalist by stressing that he "is not at all in violence and force".

Anne-Sophie Lapix: "I can't imagine making a career at La Pernaut"

While she announced during this same interview her departure from the show The Grand Exchequer, in order to focus on the 8 p.m. news of France 2 in the run-up to the presidential election, Anne-Sophie Lapix also spoke about her future at the head of the newspaper. "I cannot imagine myself making a career at Pernaut, Chazal, Poivre d'Arvor or even Pujadas. My career is marked by 4-5 years of experience. it is never a presenter who decides when to leave. And I am very happy today ", said the one who had to be taken off the air after testing positive for Covid-19.

Anne-Sophie Lapix obviously refers to the ousting of Patrick Poivre d'Arvor from TF1 in 2008, but also that of David Pujadas, who had been thanked by the management of France Télévisions in 2017, after more than fifteen years at the helm of the 8 p.m. news of France 2. The journalist now officiates daily on the antenna of LCI, while Anne-Sophie Lapix succeeded him in the presentation of the television news of the public channel.

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