Patrick Poivre d'Arvor case: Claire Chazal reacts for the first time to accusations of rape: Current Woman The MAG

The journalist did not leave a shadow of a doubt. Two weeks after the revelations of Parisian who gave the floor to Florence Porcel, writer and YouTuber who today accuses Patrick Poivre d'Arvor of having raped her on several occasions, all eyes were on the one who shared the journalist's life for several years: Claire Chazal. Indeed, despite a "chaotic relationship" during which the mother of Fran├žois Chazal Poivre d'Arvor lost some feathers, she will not let anyone say that her ex-companion is a sexual predator. Invited in Moment M by Sonia Devilliers Thursday March 4, 2021 on France Inter, Claire Chazal (finally) reacted to rape and sexual assault charges which today rest on the father of his son. The journalist also took the opportunity to deplore the court of public opinion which is played out on social networks.

"There is nothing in violence and force"

Above all, Claire Chazal wished to recall the importance of free speech which has enabled so many victims to find justice: "There is domestic violence, there is violence against women, and very often a powerlessness of women, at least in certain circles. (…) So I find it essential that things can be said a little better and it is perhaps even a revolution that should be underlined ". Claire Chazal then continued about her son's father: "I find it unfortunate that victims, or alleged executioners, are thrown into the pasture, before the court of opinion even the media tribunal. I am for the complexity of situations, for listening to both parties, and very often I find that only one voice is heard. " But that's not all.

Regarding the rape accusations based on her ex-spouse, the journalist is firm and persuasive: "I can say and assure it, that although being flirtatious, loving to conquer and, let's say it, multiply female conquests, there is nothing in violence and force. What he likes above all is to seduce, to convince by words, by what he is, his charm … and his position, why not say it? But in no way force someone. That's what I know about him. Charming above all but not forcing", she said gravely. To conclude, Claire Chazal formally refuted the rumors that the reputation of Patrick Poivre d'Arvor in the corridors of TF1 would no longer have to be done: "Things have never been nor even imagined or mentioned at TF1 in this tower where his office was at the heart of the editorial staff and everyone had access to it".

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