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Patrick Poivre d'Arvor is once again in turmoil. Almost two weeks after denying the rape charges to which he was subjected on the set of Daily Thursday March 4, 2021, the journalist must now face a new wave of testimonies. Monday March 15, 2021, The world gave a voice to eight women who all claim to have been sexually abused by the ex-PAF star. They expressed themselves, sometimes on condition of anonymity, sometimes under their real identity, and gave their stories to free speech. Among them, Hélène Devynck, who was the assistant of PPDA from 1991 to 1993. The journalist has long kept her memories to herself. "I didn't say it, I knew very well that if I said something, there was such an imbalance that I would be the whore and he the seducer", she first explained. Years after the events, at 54, Hélène Devynck ended up recounting the rape she allegedly suffered: "I gave in. But I gritted my teeth, and choked back my tears. It was really humiliating. I had no choice, otherwise I was no longer working. "

Who is Hélène Devynck?

Hélène Devynck's face is well known to LCI viewers. Following this misadventure on TF1, the journalist indeed participated in the creation of the channel in 1994 and presented many television news. After years of good and loyal service, she decided to join the Canal + group and in particular ITélé, in 2010.

Literature enthusiasts also know her through her ex-husband, the writer Emmanuel Carrère. After 15 years of living together and the birth of their daughter Jeanne, they divorced in March 2020, just before the release of his latest autobiographical work, Yoga (P.O.L ed.). The author (who is none other than the brother of Marina Carrère d'Encausse) mentioned his relationship with his ex-wife … but without his authorization. A choice that had earned him a lively controversy. "Emmanuel and I are bound by a contract which requires him to obtain my consent to use me in his work", Hélène Devynck explained in 2020 to Vanity Fair. "I did not consent to the text as it appeared. "

Hélène Devynck and journalist Jérôme Bertin JAEGLE STEPHANE / BESTIMAGE

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