Pattern: These prints make your look more exciting

Life is too short to wear simple clothes. What do we simply need? More patterns!

In terms of fashion, we rarely leave our comfort zone. In the shop, the basic jeans are worn past the dotted skirt, because the former could be way too bulky. And what about the floral dress that has been rotting in our closet since the last impulse purchase and was no longer allowed to see the light of day because it could attract too much attention. No more lazy excuses. We are daring prints and patterns again, because they make our look much more exciting and ensure a good mood.

Don't be so petty

Square, practical, good – geometric shapes have a lot to offer. On the one hand they ensure a modern, exciting look, on the other hand they still make the outfit look clean – despite the pattern. Check patterns in all possible variations are a great option, especially for those who love tidiness and who prefer to avoid wild dots and playful flowers.

Is this art or can I wear it?

The whole thing is still too simple for you. Yes, well, then we'd like to add a shovel, because now a lot of color comes into play. If you are brave, you can use prints in colorful tones. Those who like it more gentle choose patterns in pastel. No matter what you choose, you will definitely attract attention. Because let's be honest, the whole look could also be pure art.

Never without flowers

Well, we can't get past floral patterns after all. The good thing about the trend? We can bet our favorite shoes that the pattern will come back year after year. Have you ever experienced a time when flowers were out? We neither. So we can't do anything wrong. The only thing left to choose is which flowers we want on our pants, dresses and skirts this time.

Thanks to cool patterns, we have finally said goodbye to the gray mouse in us. It was nice with you, but somehow a bit too boring.

From Hannah Fiebig