Paul El Kharrat, Fabienne Carat,… what can we expect from the new C8 show?

This Friday, January 12, 2024 from 9:15 p.m., C8 launches a brand new prime time show entitled Bienvenue au monastery. If Alessandra Martines is at the helm of this new program, there are six personalities who took up the challenge of joining a convent for a week in Corsica. What can you expect from this new program?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the channel created by the Bolloré group belonging to Canal+, C8 is launching a brand new program this evening, Friday January 12, from 9:15 p.m.: Welcome to the monastery. Presented by Alessandra Martines, already present on the channel directing the show Éphémérides every weekend, it is the turn of this brand new reality TV concept in which people find themselves adopting the daily lives of sisters and of monks in a monastery located in Corbara near Calvi in ​​Corsica. Six personalities who agreed to spend a week of spiritual retreat which promises quite a few surprises.

In the cast of the show, the actress and comedian Fabienne Carat, the son of Benjamin Castaldi and reality TV star, Simon Castaldi, the famous great champion of 12 shots of noon, Paul El Kharrat, the famous juror and dancer, Jean-Marc Généreux, the former porn star converted into a TV presenter, Clara Morgane and finally the columnist and host Delphine Wespiser. These six personalities had to leave their phones behind for a week and take a vow of silence! A hell of a challenge!

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What awaits these personalities?

If Alessandra Martines claims that this show taken from the Dutch concept In Search of God is not a proselytizing program, but rather “an experience to look inside yourself» upon his arrival, young Simon Castaldi says with a smile: “I think there is a God, but I hope he didn’t look at me much“. A funny sequence already broadcast on the networks by the channel. So what can these celebrities expect? If they have to live a particularly austere monastic life, the two celebrities Clara Morgane and Paul El Kharrat, very complicit during the show, admitted that the hardest rule was to respect silence.

Authorized to speak only in the evening facing the camera in their “cell», a term given to their rooms, this new reality TV plays on the contrast between the fiery temperament of the celebrities participating in the program and the straight-forward lives of the monks and sisters. A show that promises great funny, even comical scenes to discover from 9:15 p.m. this evening, Friday January 12 on C8.

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