Paul Janke: He shows up on Instagram while showering

He was the first "Bachelor" and is still looking for love. Now Paul Janke shows himself freely in the shower.

Many still know him as a rather soft-looking "original Bachelor": the blonde Paul Janke (38) was looking for love in 2012. In the meantime, the 38-year-old has transformed into a well-trained muscle model. The single posted an impressive photo of his body on Instagram and shows himself naked in the shower.

His bachelor's successor Florian Hausdorfer (25) comments: "Great photo, Bro. The women's world will look twice". Despite his amazing body and the nice smile, Janke is still single.

Janke trains almost every day

Since the corona pandemic at the end of March, Janke has been modeling his body shapes on Mallorca and training for it almost every day. The change can be seen in the current photo: firm abdominal muscles and a well-defined chest area. The comment next to the picture is a minor matter. In English, Janke writes: "Do another round. If you don't think you can do it, it will be what makes the big difference in your life."