Paul Ziemiak in the “early start”: “The Greens don’t know what they want”

Paul Ziemiak in the “early start”
“The Greens don’t know what they want”

Shortly before the start of the Green Party Congress, CDU General Secretary Ziemiak accuses the Greens of making false promises. With a view to the election campaign, he says that climate protection is important, “but please don’t forget the economic and social components”.

CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak has accused the Greens of not having a clear course. He sees a certain dissatisfaction within the party with its own election platform. Before the start of a three-day Green party conference, Ziemiak said in ntv’s “early start”: “We are just seeing that the Greens themselves don’t know what they want. The program has over 3000 amendments.”

The announcement by Greens boss Robert Habeck that there would be more money for the citizens if the Greens won an election was rejected by Ziemiak as untrustworthy. “Now it is reassured that everything is not going to be that bad and that people will end up having even more money in their pockets as a result of the measures taken by the Greens. I would be very, very careful. That is reminiscent of Jürgen Trittin, who once said has, the energy transition costs a scoop of ice cream for everyone – we saw that it was not true. ” Habeck had said in the “early start” on Tuesday: “If you vote for the Greens, you will end up having more money in your pocket than with the CDU and SPD, because they make the same increases but want to keep the money for the state.”

When asked whether climate protection could be decisive for the election, Ziemiak said: “For people it is important whether things are brought together. Climate protection is important, but please do not forget the economic and social components, because this is the only way it works.”